The Ridge & Bangs Revitalization Project, was implemented in 2003, represented a comprehensive strategy to revitalize a targeted neighborhood. ” Ridge and Bangs Revitalization Project”, the project started out by assisting the City of Asbury Park with projects like street sweeping, sidewalk improvements, tree removal, infrastructure improvements, rehabilitation of properties and beautification.

Ridge & Bangs Revitalization Project has been renamed to “Westside Citizens United” we have partnered with other community agencies to bring positive programs into the community for all ages. We have sponsored programs like: Community Clean-up, City Wide Spring and Fall planting & clean-up, Back to School Block Party, VNACJ Community Day, Community Garden and AP Seniors Valentine’s Day Party and the J.E.T (Junior Entrepreneur Training) program.

Westside Citizens United is making connections needed to develop our community by involving the schools, residents and businesses. With our Fish Fry Fundraisers we have been able to donate back to the community for our youth; Asbury Park Little League Summer Camp Program, Interfaith Neighbors, F3B (Three Female Ballers) Organization and Urban Youth Civil Rights Education Initiative.